I Can’t Remember a Time.

Where you and I were not… Every time I go back to a time before you, I can’t remember it not having you in it. Amazing how a true Love, a true Friendship, a true Companionship, a True Every fucking-thing you could ever hope and imagine. The Connection was immediate, of course. However, everything we’ve… Continue Reading

You’re a Twin What?

Let’s clear up some points. Are you actually a Twin Flame? Twin Soul? Soul Mate? Life Partner? Some key differences that can help with the confusion… Twin Flames: Have Immense Trauma of an Unlikelihood to find a Partner who can exactly Mirror and Match their every single mental, emotional, Spiritual and earthly needs. Only their… Continue Reading

Cleanse from your Demons.

What is really on your mind tonight that you’re being held stuck in a mindset that keeps you returning to the same thoughts and reactions? Every action should not be followed by a reaction. Negative reaction is the first response to any situation because we’re taught to immediately protect ourselves. But what are you legitimately… Continue Reading