Let’s Time Travel Together

I remember… Standing face to face,

feeling chest to chest, while your hair danced on my cheeks.

One of those lifetimes we’ve shared,

We’ve jumped back and forth,

I remember… your skin under my fingertips.

I don’t recall a gender, I just remember your softness.

I remember… How secure I’ve always made you feel.

I’ve dreamt a dream, so many times…

We’re playing in a field,

watching the wind sway,

Your head is in my chest,

and you’re softly saying my name…

Louder than a whisper, you’ve always called me Rain.

You’ve always been my sponge,

I’ve always been your seed.

You plant a Love deep inside of me,

that concedes all things that were before.

What lies ahead, does not erase tomorrow.

We have come to such far lengths,

to just say I quit, and forget all of these wonderful things.

The scars from tomorrow, are nothing compared to yesterday,

because you have your Mirror, My Love,

as I have my own in you.

Whatever pain that you endure,

I feel it more than you do.

I willingly took your heart as my own,

many lifetimes ago.

Until we’ve reached a loving, peaceful world,

we’ll keep coming back,

until Love is the only feeling we have anymore.

All of this anger, animosity…

The pain, and fear, and loneliness that it begats,

It’s nothing compared to dealing with your demons.

I am not your maker,

I will be your healer.

We will heal the world together,

because there is nothing we can’t do…

Now that we have each other.

His Rain 12.15.2017


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