My Earth Birth in this lifetime

Y’all have 2 hours to plead your lack of negativity in my life to remain in my 37th year and beyond. Things we’re evolving into does not find a place for things in our immediate life to be toxic, negative etc.

No really. I’ve learned so much about myself in the last year.

I’ve learned I do not need a parent’s approval or part in my life to Ascend into happiness without chains. We’ve discovered the majority of our negativity was derived of our familial associations which blocked us from moving on with our adult lives and find what our purpose was.

We’ve cared for plenty and been knocked down by most of those. We learned helping others isn’t always what you make of it, but what your reason to help them was. As we’ve been in positions where we needed help, asked quietly but never received other than from those we didn’t want to ask out of shame.

We learned, those who were supposed to support and protect us were the very ones contributing to the damage we had years to repair in ourselves that we had to ignore in order to raise our children.

We found it difficult to be who we are in this world with no valid reason. All we want, all I’ve ever wanted, was Peace. Love. To live and be loved by someone who gave the same in return.

We learned things that we wouldn’t wish on anyone else in our lives, good or bad. That, people who love you, listen to you. Not just your words, but your actions. Your emotions, reactions etc.

Anything heartfelt and honest goes unseen. However no one here beyond our immediate walls and those who have been ascending with us, wouldn’t have a clue what is in store, what is happening now, what drives us for our future and why we’re doing it.

If I’ve lost you before this point, I need you to understand. Things we were taught to believe, you have always questioned it. Even if it’s just quietly in the back of your mind.

You need to start listening to it.

Oh. If you were assholes to your kids for any reason in this lifetime… You better attone for that shit. You have no idea what kind of generation of tools you raised if they didn’t come out right on their own.

We are not good people and successful because of our parents. They had nothing to do with who we are. Matter of fact, they contributed to why it took us 30+ years to emotionally break through in order to raise beings that love and not hurt others like we deal with right now.

Peace is obtainable.

You are part of the problem if you don’t see your truth.

Oh yeah. I don’t really celebrate birthdays… Notice I never really say happy birthday…

I’m close to freedom from my bad choices. Only because I asked for guidance.

It wasn’t from god either.


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