Breath of Rayne

Every time I cried, I felt you’re hands touch me.

I was just a little child, while you were begging for me.

I remember earliest on, the breath on my neck,

I was sleeping all alone, felt you sleep right there next…

You kept slipping away, every time I’d feel your breath,

I’d have to cry myself to sleep, I knew you were out there.

The time I thought I walked alone, heard that voice beside me,

You walked with me through astral sight,

I felt your warmth around me.

Every part of us that was meant to soon be,

you were everything I could think about,

I needed you to be with me.

They tell you that you have a mate,

that someday you will find,

what they forget to tell the special ones,

is our Journey is much harder, and longer to subside,

We’ve seen Hell on Earth, we lived it in this lifetime.

You might not realize I was waking in the night,

reaching for you, even though we’d not yet met this lifetime…

When I went to slit my wrists, I thought it was fate,

telling me to put the rusty blade away…

You whispered “I’m still here for you,

I know you’re somewhere out there…

I’ll keep looking until you’re Mine.”

From the moment I kissed your lips,

these memories came rushing back to me…

When I would hold you in my dreams.

First time someone touched me, I felt my soul screaming,

I didn’t know that you were waiting for mine…

I tried so hard to save what I could,

of this heart that’s been battered and torn,

when I felt your heart aching,

I would cry for you, almost mourn…

I had no idea who you were,

or what body, personality, or form,

All I knew was I needed to find you…

There was a puzzle piece, I was going to storm…

Once I cried, as if we’d been as one,

After I was left alone, to feel worthless,

I just wanted to find my real home.

I walked through years of self hatred…

I didn’t belong in this realm, I wanted something of my own.

I kept running into obstacles,

unaware I was far from the path I searched for…

Then there you were… A simple smiling picture,

That exact moment, I felt a surge of love…

Unrequited, and unannounced

you took my Soul and gave it Hope…

You took my Heart, and ignited the Flame,

Where once I thought I was turning to coal,

Turned a spark of hope,

to a full blown mirrored flame…

You Lit my Life on Fire,

The Emotional Freight Train

knocking the breath from me…

With every twist, every turn,

We have found one another,

despite distance, despite what learned…

You Mirror my Heart, You Complete my Soul,

Not a moment since I met you have I doubted,

You make what was broken in me Whole…

To put to words the COMPLETE that is WE…

Would take the LOVE and HONESTY,

from I am I,

For I am I,

With you,


For You are I,

I am I, We are I. We. Are.

His Rain

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