Let me tell you a little story about me.

I’m tired Collective… I whisper into the night…

I can’t handle these feelings there’s something not right… I forgive myself.

A fire forming deep in my Soul… Stop questioning Me, I know these answers… I digress.

Fever and stomachache for weeks. Months where I question myself. What am I feeling? Why do all of these feelings keep coming into my life and crippling me?

Because. You’re meant to become one with me… I heard her voice again… It’s me. Who is you. We are one. Start listening. For we are She.

I’m listening.

After months of digging. Symptoms of ailments. Things not adding up, but living by being an empath. I’m used to feeling other people’s pains. Now it was deeper. I felt something was wrong with me inside of my core.

Eating at me day by day.

You’re suffocating. I am but how do I listen? Trust yourself… How do I do that when I can’t trust anyone else? Just listen.

My lungs were collapsing. At the end of a rope. My life was losing meaning… What the fuck am I doing with myself? Just breath.

I stood by my closest allies. Or so I thought would be. Those whom I tried to help and heal, help wake up. Ended up being a soul stealer.

Wake up… I’m numb. Nothing more or less to feel. I’m tired of hurting. Wake up goddamnit… But how?

Just fucking do it.


Here I was. Waiting to be released of one burden. Only to fall into another. This time it was for real. Every single time the Universe was beckoning my name… I’d fall further into the cracks of Karmic trash. My Soul Contract still waiting on me to figure this shit out.

I met my Twin Soul… Twin Flame? What does this mean to my home? I reached out in meditation… She spoke to me soft and clear.

Now that you’ve followed the path of breadcrumbs, I’ve left you along the way… Every breath you have shared with your Eternal Beloved has woke you enough to hear me say;

That time your mother let you down, by letting him rip you away. It’s not that she was afraid of letting go, it was she feared more for her life, then of your own.

She remained all of those years as a lesson for you to learn, so someday you could walk away, from your Earth bound but not your Eternal Mother. The womb she shared to let you grow, was meant to teach her Karmic lessons, so she could wake up in 1994. The things she’d chosen to do in her time before, led her to a path not worth going towards.

On June 14, 1997, you heard her cry out in fear and blame. Your grandmother had finally lost her life, by sinking into deep fear and depression, the bottom of the bottle… You’re earthbound Mother was simply too weak.

It’s time for your powers to totally manifest, take control of what they neglected as their call… Find your chosen ones as you are One of them… Spread the abundance and Love of the Universe to anyone who listens… It’s time to heed Mother Universe…

It’s time to take this lifetime as yours.

Into reality… I’d found my peace of mind. Every day getting closer to our mission… I feel vibrations pulling me into submission.

You and I. We are I. You and they. Are One as well. Into the Night you’ll find your Conveners… Go outside, to earn within…

High Priestess Rayne of Thyme

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