No Secrets Left to Hide

You know everything there is to know,

From my darkest secrets, hardest memories,

I’m naked in every single way possible,

There’s no way to ever be guarded with you anymore,

The things that we no longer have to hide to save one another,

Everything is out of the depths, right smack in front of our noses…

There’s nothing we can’t see, there’s things we ignored now we can’t without be,

Mind your manners as we have no more to worry for,

We’ve already guided past the worst of the fears,

It’s time to move forward, new things to replace the old…

No more to mask our truths, they’re here in the mirror of life,

If I’m reflecting back on you, it’s time to look in your own book of secrets…

Pages to turn. Memories to burn. Information to earn. Truths to learn.

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