A true Twin Flame connection

To those questioning yourself on a Twin Flame connection… There’s so many ideas floating around that confuses those who are just needy or lonely. This isn’t just something anyone will have. . . I used this to respond to someone’s post and felt it could probably do good to post elsewhere.

Everyone misconstrued the idea that you see 11:11 about the person you’re with or who he may be.

You could literally just be seeing Universe signs. 1111-means there’s something positive coming into your life. Keep thinking positively and you’re manifesting that positive into your life.

What reasons do you have that you believe you are a twin flame? Are there lessons you’ve had to learn that were gut wrenching to bring to the surface? Did you have difficult lessons that only you could endure in your immediate life?

Did you meet this person out of nowhere or know this person and ignite something you hadn’t thought existed whatsoever. Being a Twin Flame isn’t all about the love affair. It’s about enduring the hardest shit that sometimes you feel like you should be afraid of because society or your family has made you afraid of that.

It’s not a “OMG this is a romantic love affair no one could love me like this before this person” etc etc. It’s you got to overcome some fucked up odds to make it to the finish line with your sanity after everything in your everyday life from the time you’re conceived has been a goddamn challenge.

It’s… Your shit is so deep that you need your other half of your soul to activate Awakening because you’re so fucking broken from your life from the moment your soul entered your body.

Being a Twin Flame is a non economically helpful to either one of you in any way during your fucked up years of repairing damage you’re not even sure of where it came from… Dirt deep down your not sure if anyone in your life can be trusted. No matter their roles in your life.

Your Twin Flame is ultimately… The only fucking person you know without any shadow of a doubt… Not even a god has you like your Twin Flame.

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