The ugliest of our moments the beauty it exudes

It’s a horrible. Horrendous experience. It’s literally the exact opposite of rainbows and butterflies. Gut wrenching. Painful. Every bad thing in this lifetime is meant to teach us lessons. To take to the Collective. We all bring specific things to this. You’re literally in the phase of your Awakening that you’re doubting everything. It’s make it or bust. The more doubt you have in yourself the less love you actually have in itself. The less trust you have in yourself… Means you’re not ready for that other half of you in this lifetime. If you know who your Twin is and you’re denying them because of doubt or ego, you’re dwelling too much on the negative. Find positive in everything. Literally.

Trust me I know. I feel like my uterus is ripping to shreds. It’s literally because of the abuse you’ve put on your body. Physically. Sexually. Emotionally. A woman, especially a mother is going to feel far worse experience with kundilani. Even if you’ve done anything to your body that could derive from a lesson that’s the root chakras and sacral. . Will help lead to worse symptoms as a woman.

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