Bring Your Weary… Abused Fragile

Weakness is derived from the inability to determine the end of a current situation. You’ve already gone over the numerous scenarios which could happen to go down.

“I have to pay my cell phone bill!” First thought in the AM after the alarm clock goes off.

Slam the alarm clock. No one wants to listen to that shit.

“Great, another fucking Monday.” Mumbling while you crawl out of bed. What’s the use in looking forward to anything worth being excited over.

Brushing your teeth, after sitting on the toilet. Thumb through your cellphone in your lap while you yawn. Reach for the toilet paper.

You didn’t even have to use the bathroom, it’s just part of that morning routine you were given rules to the moment you gained any independence.

“Your kids should dress themselves, walk by 1, talk before they’re 6 months old, or they’re behind.” All of these ridiculous rules, to show whose child is the better bred being.

It’s pretty difficult to wake up at 7am in the morning to be up for work by 10am. Take a shower, do your hair, make-up. Even Corporations force their employees to certain “Beauty” standards in order to be employed by them.

Wearing Uniforms. Sometimes, the uniforms are inappropriate, sometimes, completely unflattering. Which means, in most serving positions, those hideous uniforms that don’t look right on every employee, can make that next table, disgusted. Because they don’t understand the unnecessary rules of dress code in employment. How many Customers have ever really been in any sort of service position? Most are either, wealthy, or unappreciative, because they are unappreciated at home.

That smile that one waitress gave you today, you realize it took everything in her to pretend her ex husband wasn’t threatening to take her children away from her. That after 10 years of marriage, he put her through so much turmoil, she finally gave up and walked away because her efforts were unseen. She cried herself to sleep in her new lovers arms, because no one ever held her before. She came into work, even though her youngest son was 15 hours away with his father, who would leave him at home late at night alone because his girlfriend left him, after he admitted to being attracted to his last girlfriends fourteen year old daughter.

This waitress, was losing her goddamn mind, while you laughed about her ass with your friend at the table behind me.  I never could understand why men would cat call under their breath. It’s not like no one else could hear you. That’s the point though, isn’t it? So people DO hear you? You’ve got an ego, you’ve gotten away with making disgusting comments about women your entire life. It’s just part of who you are. It’s ok, Forgive them, they don’t know what they’re doing.

Lord? Have fucking mercy. No Lord on this planet that is of the “God” They created to make men believe they are “God’s gift to mankind”.

You do understand, Women are the Stronger sex. We have more compassion. We can be angry enough to make level headed choices that would BENEFIT humanity. We won’t discuss that though. That’s another long conversation.

Bring your weak in, but, don’t let them sleep long. Give them an alarm. Only a certain portion today. Because that grocery store that has a location every 20-45 minutes away from one another. Mom’s and Pop’s stores no longer really exist, The other large chains are suffering because of the hog head Corporations who have stolen the type of shopping experience that everyone else strove to separate to give Customers a different experience for every reason they needed to leave the house.

Families were supposed to be kept together, find things to do that they enjoyed together. Who wants to go into a Super-center grocery Store to shop when 100000 other people are in the same store.

That creates aggravation, frustration, anger… Fear, of your child being abducted. Or your wife, or daughter being sexually harassed, because that’s something normal. Something that’s become a Media Whore in and of itself that it’s going to become it’s own Lifestyle. “Sexual Harassment Education, Community of Pedophiles and Sex Offenders; Sign up at the Front Desk in the CRUMP POWERS.

Maybe we will just normalize all sexual abuse, and sexual harassment. That would  make more sense.


On your knees.

For who now? Who are you praying to? You’re still homeless? Nearly homeless? OH?! Ok, let’s pray to “GOD” Again. Yep. 37 years of life. Trials, Tribulations, Tests, and I still had FAITH in a “GOD” whom gave me no break.

Your god, is NOT God. Anymore.

His Rain 614


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