A Simple Minded Love

Seeking refuge in your warm embrace,

Walking hours hand in hand, following you side by side…

Just when I imagined letting myself go,

Meant leaving myself buried in horrible memories…

They find a way into your Soul, ebbing and flowing,

Constant reminders of things you’d long forgotten, to live in utter blindness…

The sweetest days, silly dreams of yesterday,

The look in your eyes the moment you face to face met me…

How I made a fool of myself and you smiled like a completely in love idiot…

I’ll never forget that moment, how my dreams met my eyes,

The things you’d said to me in all those years above the skies…

You told me you’d take care of me, when I didn’t wait for you, you said goodbye.

After years of being lost inside of myself, modesty eluded my pain,

Mystery loitered my heart, burying secrets left for me to open in your wake.

Moments lost in time, that made things even more complicated…

I found you like a long lost love letter in an ancient bottle at Sea, washed up by fear.

I couldn’t imagine the breath I’d be holding, just to bring you back to me.

Dead you stood. Looking into the mirror of my own Soul,

We met in several lifetimes before, I knew you’d remember me and eventually want more.

“My fallen Angel, here to rescue me and bring me to fruition.”

All the years I’d cried out for you, and here you are again.

Safe inside my bed, beside your only true love,

I’ve sought out through your eyes, over the years, over several times…

I couldn’t find your smile, it was broken just like your heart had been so many times before.

Crying out for sweet remembrance, I died in your arms that night,

A life full of abandonment and forgiveness, freely given and mistaken as weakness.

You’ve built up my entire Universe… I’m ready to take on this entire world.

The unwaivering forgiveness you’ve opened my eyes to see,

There’s nothing else I could possibly muster up for what it is we share, you and I. .

You’re nothing less than that other part of me, lost in the Stars and you found your Mission…

By falling instantly, unfathomably in love with the less than Superior Me.

Rayne ❤️🌹 Kane

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