If I die before I wake… This soul is not yours to take.


It’s similiar to waking up after a nap that was 5 hours longer than you anticipated. It just feels like your aching in every possible way. However, not because you’re in pain. Adjusting to your physical self after merging Higher Self is literally like Avatar. You have to relearn balance in a few minutes rather than a few years as you grow as a child when you were just your human self.

Things are so damned confusing at first, it’s getting used to signing into your email address after being in a deep coma for a decade or two. You remember how to do it but need about 5 minutes to adjust your eyesite again and relearn how things changed and now the website your email address used to automatically pulled up on now you have 5 different pages to click on after some pop up screens or reading the daily mail which is generally depressing…

There’s no winning in this lifetime.

You’re damed if you do, don’t, have, or haven’t. Whether you decide to or not.

Sometimes I wonder how there’s so many of us that are still asleep. Just the humanity decline in compassion and love, equality and acceptance. There’s many ways you can avoid waking up because you fear the things you’re being reminded of.

Fear is derived of those who place expectations on what or who we are supposed to be. I’ve mentioned before, we’re not obligated to be what we are told by others. We forget our own passions and desires, to make other people happy.

By the time you finally see for yourself that being selfless is selfish of yourself to your own needs, you will never recognize yourself in your reflection.

I haven’t found a reason to doubt anything I have been led into. I have been completely submissive to something in my existance, I am no longer fearing the future. Because I see a brighter one, and I demand it happens. I will be involved in a revolution. We just aren’t sure exactly how just yet.

Before you go to sleep tonight, don’t fear outcomes of those things you cannot control, think positively and expect nothing but good things, and if the expectations are inaccurate at least you are able to change your mind. Don’t look too much into what you read online, always trust what your instincts tell you.


We are the “aliens”, we are the “misfits”, We are the “misunderstood” and “Weak” to Society. We are of different colors, different learning abilities, different gifts, blessed and cursed with a deep seeded desire to ensure humanity does not kill itself off with misinterpretation. Life isn’t about what you make of it, Life is the path you choose, and the selfishless, or selfishness you emit to others.

Are you willing to let go of everything you’ve ever been taught, or told, or inherited from someone elses opinions or teachings by another being. Always trust your inner knowledge, trust your inner voice, trust your Higher Self.

The more you fear the unknown, the more you fear your own self…

I have no Fear. Do you?

High Priestess Rayne

Namaste *

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