You’re a Twin What?

Let’s clear up some points. Are you actually a Twin Flame? Twin Soul? Soul Mate? Life Partner?

Some key differences that can help with the confusion…

Twin Flames:

Have Immense Trauma of an Unlikelihood to find a Partner who can exactly Mirror and Match their every single mental, emotional, Spiritual and earthly needs. Only their Flame can meet these needs, before and after a Merge is Imminent.

  1. All Twin’s have Abuse in their History, Equally deep rooted insecurities generally surrounded by Abandonment or the feeling of no one being able to hear them when they speak, because no one before has ever proven their worthiness of their Pure Soul to be revealed.
  2. Twin’s Immit a specific type of Light. It is so immense they are incapable of finding others who are pure of heart, who do not take advantage of the Soul within. We are usually victims of Self serving family members and friends, coworkers, anyone within distance that have any sort of important roll in their lives.
  3. There’s a specific personality trait we resonate with, which normally comes from our strong desire to make others happy, even if that means we are miserable ourselves. Twin Flame’s are 2 halfs of a whole who are generally separated by distance, circumstance, and Karmic Lessons.
  4. Twin Flames are not meant for a Romantic Union until their work and Karmic Lessons are learned. They have the ability to share strengths and form a similiar bond to the bond that will be merged at the completion of Twin Flame Ascension. We learn early on that we tolerate certain things in our “Human Lives” to adapt and learn from different trauma, or troublesome circumstances.

These lessons are meant to build us up as individuals. We are certainly meant for an Immense love that is forgiving and always unfathomable, this is what helps us work through our own Karmic Damage in order to get to the point of our Ascension that those damages no longer affect our emotions.

We as Twin Flame’s wake into “bodies” that we are unfamiliar with. We challenge everything and question everything… Nothing we have been taught will ever resonate with us, you cannot argue your theories with us because our knowledge is infinite. We no longer serve someone elses purpose, we serve the Collective Soul Purpose. The New Earth Collective, to change things that were unfortunate in this lifetime that no one else is understanding that this whole Idea was created to bring together those who have faced challenges ‘the usual’ beings are too weak to handle.

This Love you believe you are worthy of, is nothing like the articles you read, nothing you have actually felt, or thought, because the judgement was or is clouded by your overthinking, by the false truths that are being overshared and abused by those in the community who are not worthy or not yet worthy of a Twin Flame Merge. They haven’t learned the leassons they had agreed to following, they wanted to follow their own path, change the rules for their own purpose. Today we reflected on twin Flames.

No one can tell you who the other half of your Soul is. You have another half, this does not mean you are one of us, it means you are worthy of Love that is deep, but you are not damaged enough to need a healing of this depth.
I cannot express how dire it is to not press that you feel you are a Twin Flame, it is blocking you feom the ability to find the one you are waiting for. You are making them believe you are worthy for them because you THINK you need something so deep and healing.

The Twin Flame Journey is not the faint of heart… This is something of deep Soul purging, and remembering of things that are not necessarily something you want to have to face, in order to stand in front of crowds and draw attention to yourself, and the purpose you are supposed to be following on this Path.

I find no purpose in speculating based on others thoughts and feelings. My Self Knowledge is purely based on things I have seen and Loved.

His Rain

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