Silence, The Killer of Souls.

It has been far too long, that we have stayed silent.

Watch what you tell people, as a woman, as a mother, as a father, as someone who has been abused, or misled.

We were raised to believe in things, that we knew were untrue. Then forced to obliterate thoughts of our pasts. Things that affected us negatively. Shut us down when we spoke up. Since then the Generations after us, have changed considerably.

Some of us who were raised under the Dark Night of Souls, have seen what happened before us, within us, surrounding us. Those who we interact with are absorbed into our beings. We take on so many, yet are incapable of healing ourselves and those we love, because we are so consumed by the thoughts of things that had broke us down in the past.

“Leave the Past in the Past.” we are coached from early on.

We hear our parents, our friends parents, those of authority, not taking their own advise. Arguing about things that happened in the past, instead of finding ways to work through the bandaids of the past. Things we were unable to decipher the real meaning behind the things we have done, and are yet to do on this World.

We are misled by teachers who tell us, one way or not at all. We are raised by people who had no general self love, no self knowledge, they were so riddled by their own mistakes and those of their parents, and their parents before them, that they were not able to see the light in front of them.

Everyone here now, has had trials and tribulations. Lessons we have had to endure in order to “wake up” in this Lifetime. This generation is diseased with so much self hatred, so much anger and malice. I am unable to functionally see the Light in any at first. There’s so much darkness underneath the surface.

I apologize for the lies that have been put before you by the groups you read from every day, the internet that was basically designed to help wake us up in this decade. These tools have been misused for monetary gain. For self gratification, and abundance that does not include the Massive amount of Souls in search of Personal, Emotional and Deep Soul Healing.

Humanity has become a virus in and of itself. Everyone hates something about someone, because we have become so much like one another that we are not able to see ourselves in the mirror before we wake up this time. Your face is not your face, who you see in the Mirror before Awakening is the faces that everyone else has expected of you to be. The moment you lay eyes on the Reflection you’ve been afraid of seeing since you remembered you are “not from here”, becomes clearer.

There’s been lies spread by False Prophets, those who long to have Collective soul attachments but they are merely parts of our World, not necessarily Part of the New World Collective Souls.

This “god” some of these “Spiritually Awake” Have been spouting about, is NOT the Divine Great Spirit. They are not one in the Same. This “god” does not dictate or facilitate OUR Souls. We are Our OWN. We grant the wishes, We determine our Future. We Manifest ourselves, out of the Darkness, WE Have the power to bring about Light & Love, like no other Generation Before.

In Love & Light.
High Priestess Rayne of Thyme

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